State of the Art Facility

Yes we have rapid prototyping equipment, but if you want to scale you also need to build on mass manufacturing equipment. Make in LA provides you with ample space and all the necessary tools to take your prototype to market and scale your business.



We cultivate the relationship between expert mentors, entrepreneurs, and investors to accelerate hardware innovation. Our mentors include startup founders, engineers with deep technical skills, and hands on specialist well equipped to help out with all your business needs.


Intensive Program

Our 4 month comprehensive concept-to-market program focuses on the entrepreneur, product, and business. We take elements down to their foundations and then build in scalability while removing costly distractions and mistakes. We prepare your company for success post graduation through exit.

We believe hardware is the future of tech innovation. We exist to foster 21st century hardware platforms, connecting entrepreneurs with the funds they need to change the world.


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Build the next great hardware startup 

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